Kickstarter is an incredible platform which allows small, family run businesses like ours to access a whole new way of funding big-dream projects, that otherwise would simply be reserved for the already rich & powerful! You can support an artisans dreams and turn them into reality by purchasing one of the perks available ahead of time, like a preorder - receiving the item(s) in question at a later date, specified on the perk listing. 


It means YOU get to support a small artisan business and instead of a simple donation, you get a reward for backing us, either through small token gestures like a shout out or bigger rewards like limited edition candles, a full-size product with a saving on RRP's and other awesomeness like store wide discounts.


You won't be charged until the project end date and at which point: if we don't meet our target, you don't pay and we don't receive a penny! That means that you don't end up part-funding a project that won't ever realistically get off the ground, which also means a much lower risk for you (hey, when have we ever not fulfilled a promise?) This isn't our founders first crowdfunder. Having crowdfunded as a producer and in projects as an actress, over the past 10 years, Jessica has raised thousands of pounds, both with a larger team and independently across different platforms including: Indiegogo, Kickstarter and GoFundMe. You and your money are in safe hands, we promise!


For us, this project is all or nothing. We haven't cut a single corner and we are not about to start now. Also, we fully believe in our community backing us, like you always have and if you don't want to see perfume in our future, then MAYBE we are barking up the wrong tree and should be putting our efforts somewhere else. Our future is in your hands - we always listen.



We have enlisted some of the greatest creators onboard to make our vision a reality. A perfumer, with years of industry experience to help us capture the very essence of The Scent Corvus in a bottle. I have been working closely with the perfumer, visiting the lab, creating accords in tune with our personal preferences and only bringing you the very best of cruelty free and vegan ingredients. A manufacturer, to create the most glorious, darkly decadent bottle, that is designed to sit luxuriously on any dresser and of course, a filling plant, to fulfil each bottle with our bespoke poison.

We are also working closely with a production team from Nottingham, Superfreak Media (See their YouTube Channel) who are the midlands powerhouse for short form horror movies. I have been fortunate to work with the team over the last 10 years and cannot wait to bring them onboard to create our perfect ad campaign.



We are of course known for our black & white aesthetic with a pop of red, the design will be no different. Raven Noir is a signature line at The Scent Corvus and only seemed appropriate to name our very first eau de parfum after it. Expect dark opulence, in a matte black 100ml glass bottle, adorned with a textured red label and gold foiling. Each bottle will come with a gold cap, boxed with a matte black, velvet-touch coating, sealed with the TSC. Perfumery gold foiled logo.

You will save by pre-ordering this item, with a RRP of £85 per bottle.


The question on everyones lips. Raven Noir is a completely new composition to The Scent Corvus family and not to be confused with our diffuser of the same name.

We believe that fragrance should be a genderless experience, an experience

dictated by your likes and dislikes, not by a marketing team. The first perfume to launch is a perfect blend of peppery spices, woody base notes that begin spicy & traditionally "masculine" (but we dislike that here) fading down to a sweeter, less punchy accord thanks to a perfect blend of Amber and Kashmir fusion.

Top Notes: Juniper, Cypress, Coriander

Middle Notes: Black Pepper, Pink Pepper, Pepper Fusion

Base Notes: Patchouli, Cedarwood, Amber, Kashmir Fusion



The target of £20,000 has factored in all costs, from crafting the perfect scent with our perfumer, concept art creation, to bottle design, manufacture & packaging

design/creation, fulfilment of the bottle contents, marketing and ad campaign costs to promote the perfume before the release and post release and finally perk fulfilments, shipping costs and fees. All the costs have been carefully accounted for over the past 12 months whilst going on this production journey. It really is a multi-team collaborative effort to bring a concept like this to life and we are really excited to bring you onboard for this journey.



We aim to have the project completed 6 months after we are successfully funded. This is with the given estimated time of 3-5 months perfume development, manufacturing of the packaging and shipment to and fulfilment by the bottling factory. This process relies on each party upholding their side of the agreement and so, we have to allow for any of those parties to extend their processing time, especially during the pandemic and Brexit which have created supply chain and shipment issues across the world. Rest assured, we will be in constant contact, including visiting during production and filling of our bottles to the factory, ensuring you get frequent updates on the process and where we are with fulfilment of perks. 



  •  Vegan & Cruelty Free - all of the ingredients in this parfum will be vegan & cruelty free, just like the rest of our store
  •  Genderless Marketing & Message - We are not remotely interested in appealing to one gender and firmly believe that perfume should be a freeing, fun and explorative experience, one that is all about your tastes - not about your gender and what marketing teams have DECIDED you should wear.
  •  Discounts - pledging will get you discounts off retail prices, in-store discounts on other product lines and the chance to gain lifetime discount codes. We care about getting this project funded, enough to thank you for life!
  •  Niche - When you buy with us, you are buying from a family run, small batch company, focused on creating unique fragrances. 
  •  New Ground - being fully funded and launching our first parfum will open completely new territory and doors for us to continue down. We plan on launching a new parfum every year post a successful launch because this will enable us to keep reinvesting back into our perfumery. 
  •  Seasoned Crowdfunders! - This isn't our founders first crowdfunder. Having crowdfunded as a producer and in projects as an actress, over the past 10 years, Jessica has raised thousands of pounds, both with a larger team and independently across different platforms including: Indiegogo, Kickstarter and GoFundMe. You and your money are in safe hands, we promise!