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Monthly Subscription Box - RAVEN
Donna Allison (London, GB)
May Raven Subscription Box

Absolutely the best one yet. Loved every scent. Hope some become regulars especially the forgotten fern and oak candle and the winter honeysuckle. Loving the new Raven boxes

EX-DISPLAY Soy Snapbar - Blackberry & Bay
Kaitlin (Mortimer West End, GB)
I keep coming back for more

This is the third time I've purchased this scent. I just can't get enough!

Amazing as always

This was one of my favourite limited scents so had to buy it, or 3! I have to say that no other melt company, and I’ve tried A LOT, have melts that literally last for days when re melted barring TSC. I’m a TSC lifer for sure ♥️

FREE White Sage Incense Sample
Becca F G (London, GB)
Divine scent and lovely colouring

I wish that these were sold in the store and not just samples. I don't have a rope incense burner, so these would be great!

Scent pops bug off

This scent pop bug off is really nice, perfect for a summers evening, it’s very fresh and highly scented.

EX-DISPLAY: Soy Snapbar - Sage & Sea Salt Crackle
Michelle O (Coventry, GB)

EX-DISPLAY: Soy Snapbar - Sage & Sea Salt Crackle

EX-DISPLAY Soy Snapbar - Blackberry & Bay
Kerrie C. (Diss, GB)
I can’t stop buying!

I am in love with all the scents of the wax melts! I just can’t stop buying them!! I won’t shop anywhere else for wax melts now 😍

Scent pop LOVE!

I got the whiskey & vanille scent pop and it smells incredible! And they are the perfect sized segments for my burner!

Inked Skull® Reed Diffuser - RAVEN NOIR
Dianne Sweeney (London, GB)

The Raven Noir is absolutely Stunning to look at & the scent is divine.
It looks gorgeous in our new home.
Love it!

I think I have tried almost every wax melt they do and this is up there with my favourites the smell is just gorgeous and the colours are stunning. It’s like a mini treat every time I get to burn a wax melt from the scent Corvus so glad I found this company it defo a firm fave of mine

Beautiful & Fresh

As with all the crystal bars, I love this. The scent is so fresh but also different from any other I’ve tried 🖤

One of my favourite products

Probably one of the most underrated products from TSC. Being able to buy the candle scents before committing to a candle and a wax melt at the same time. I’ve been able to smell all the candles & am a bit obsessed with this little pots. I buy a few with every order

Crystal Infused Snapbar - Aventurine
Tracey Tegg (Watford, GB)
Crystal snapbar

This snapbar is a lovely scent, very musky but not heavy and it’s really rather fresh and delicious, loving this one at the moment.

Crystal Infused Snapbar - Tigers Eye
Tracey Tegg (Watford, GB)
Crystal snapbar

Wow what can I say about this, the mix of tobacco and honey is just a beautiful scent, very moorish.


I love this scent on this snapbar, it’s one of my favourites, it’s such a lovely sensual smell, I can smell it all over the house, it’s just the nicest. 🖤

Kitchen Witch Skillet Wax Warmer
Tracy (Worcester, GB)
The Best Wax Warmer

I love this warmer!! It looks fab and I use it most days. The wax is super easy to get out when you’re done. If still melted it’s easy to pour out and if it’s hard I just pop it in the freezer for a few minutes and the disc just then slides out and you’re ready to go again. 👍🏻


Amazing as always, I love the smell, kinda reminds me of the conditioner my hair dye used to come with but I like that smell :)

Woodland Witchcraft Candle
Geri (Glasgow, GB)
Absolutely Beautiful

As soon as I saw the Woodland Witchcraft Candle I knew it was for me, and as it was released a week before my birthday, my mum got it for me. It looks absolutely beautiful, it's so detailed and unique. I love butterflies and the colours are really vibrant. The candle itself is a gorgeous floral with earthy undertones, it's a perfect spring candle.

A repeat buy

I love this bar. I’m so glad that it has been kept as a regular, otherwise I was going to have to do a bulk buy!

OIL BURNER BLENDS - Signature Scent
Kimberley Fitzpatrick (Leicester, GB)
Signature scent

I love the scent corvus original scent, having previously tried the wax melt thought I would give the oil a go and it just as amazing! Never stop selling this scent jess, I adore it! Would bathe in it if I could. 😉

ASTROLOGY - Crystal Candle
Kimberley Fitzpatrick (Leicester, GB)
Amethyst and floral

I was slightly dubious about purchasing a candle online without smelling it first but have purchased melts from jess before that were sublime so thought I'd give it a chance and so glad I did. Great quality and smells divine and the crystal is such a lovely touch and looks of good quality too. Another great order from the scent corvus!

This smell is genius!

I bought a few of these melts and I cannot get over how good the smell is. I need more!

smells lush!!

this is so so good, definitely has that bread/cakey type smell that sets it aside from the other pumpkin scented wax melts!!!

Inked Skull® Reed Diffuser - PLANT WITCH
Jennifer Smith (Maidenhead, GB)
Plant Witch

Looks beautiful and smells even better 🤩

Inked Skull® Reed Diffuser - RAVEN NOIR
Jennet Nicholson (Wetherby, GB)
Looks beautiful, smells amazing

So glad I finally bought this, it looks gorgeous in the living room and smells amazing. I’d read an old review where someone describe it as smelling like Vivienne Westwood Anglomania, which was a big reason why I wanted it, and it really does! It also came in a lovely black box and a spray of dried flowers for decoration. 100% recommend!