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Perfection! 👌

Smells like angels in the garden of... PERFECTION! 😊

Christmas special!

This smells is my favorite for the winter time and Christmas for some reason! I just opened the box what I received and even then it smelled amazingly strong! I could eat it! 😅 I think I need more. 😍

Raven Skull Botanical Wax Melts
Anita (Banbury, GB)

I'm so in love with this wax melts! Looks fabulous and the smells... OMG! I ordered 2 packs of them straight away and I definitely will more! One of my favorite!


I ordered 2 bottles of this beauty! This icy look is amazing and really smells great! I'm ready for Christmas now! 😊

I LOVE it!

I LOVE how unique this candle! The look and the smell are both amazing! One of my favorite of the Christmas line. 😍


OMG! The hole house smells amazing! I'm going to try other oil as well! 😊


This is my 2nd bottle of this beauty! This icy look is amazing and really smells great! I'm ready for Christmas now! 😊


I'm so blessed I found you! I'm totally obsessed with every single product so I ordered a few. I've got a HUGE obsession with skulls so I couldn't even choose between the 3 skull diffusers. Problem solved because I ordered all the 3. 😁 I still couldn't choose between! I love all of them!!!

FREE Sandalwood Wax Melt Sample
Anita (Banbury, GB)

Long lasting and calming scent. I love it! 😊

Crystal Infused Snapbar - Rose Quartz
Clara Brooks (Southend-on-Sea, GB)
A treat, as always

As with everything from Scent Corvus, the quality is fantastic, packaging wonderful, and this one is a real treat. I usually go with the more woody scents but decided to change it up and I love this one.


The melt looks lovely and smells divine! Would highly recommend for some of that delicious Christmas spirit

Monthly Subscription Box - JACKDAW
Alexandra (Holmes Chapel, GB)
Jackdaw Subscription Box

I’m blown away with the contents of this subscription box! This is the first time I’ve had anything from The Scent Corvus. Saw them on Insta and decided to give the wax melts a try. I’ve never smelt such amazing wax melts. I’ve tried loads of different places over the last few years and their wax melts have always been a bit meh, but these are something else. My house smells fantastic now! Even my husband approves of them and he normally hates wax melts! Thank you! 🖤

Wonderful winter!

The mince pie and brandy cream is just delicious, I gifted one to my Mum and she thought it was a bar of fudge, just as well I corrected her! Never disappointed with my orders from The Scent Corvus, they are always so unique and different


This will be my 3rd reed diffuser from this amazing brand, and I think this one is probably my favourite (although they all smell divine). I absolutely adore the colouring of this, and it pairs so well with the fragrance. I have a lovely festive scent as I walk into the room, love it!

FREE Opium Incense Sample
kelly (Calverton, GB)
The smell is divine!!

I have to be honest in that when I bought my first scent Corvus diffuser, it was more for the skull bottle than the scent. I’ve been using rituals for years, but the smell of the scent Corvus diffusers make rituals smell like a cheap b&m special in comparison! Even my husband commented on the smell and had me put some in a ceramic car air freshener for his car. I’ve since ordered more and will 100% be buying again and again and for gifts.

Soy Snapbar - Winter Berries & Lime
Lauren Edwards (Buxton, GB)
Absolutely perfect!

I've bought quite a few of the wax melts over the last few months, and tried almost all of the scents. They are the nicest wax melts I've ever bought. Really great quality, and they look gorgeous too. I can't wait to see where this brand goes in the future :)

The underdog of reed diffusers

I must admit when I first opened this diffuser I was a bit unsure. It’s beautiful to look at but I thought the scent might be too over powering. However, once I put it in a room I was so wrong. The scent is beautiful and just strong enough to fill the room. The design is so unique and I love the blue. It’s Christmas done right! Would definitely recommend.

Soy Snapbar - Lavender & Vanille
Jess Jordan (Bristol, GB)
So relaxing

What a surprise, another stunning melt from The Scent Corvus! 😂 this is such a calming scent, and not too OTT on the lavender - gorgeous design, and just incredible shopping experience as always from TSC.

Soy Snapbar - Cinnamon & Pumpkin Spice
Amy Cooper (Wakefield, GB)
Smells amazing

This the second time purchasing this melt and it definitely one of my favourites for cozy days.

Crystal Infused Snapbar - Rose Quartz
Kath Mitchell (Haverfordwest, GB)
Christmas present.

I’m delighted with the wax melt, which I saving for a Christmas present. Beautiful product and always excellent service.

Love it!

Great smell, lasts for ages!

Smells gorgeous

And looks beautiful too, lovely strong scent. Loved the free incense too so I'll be back to order some more!

Soy Snapbar - Winter Berries & Lime
Laura Stevenson (Emsworth, GB)
Christmas pick n mix!

This smells like pick n mix sweets with a freshness about it. Absolutely love it!

Soy Snapbar - Cedarwood & Jasmine
Hannah Jones (Llandudno, GB)

A few months ago, a friend bought me some cedarwood and jasmine wax melts from a different company and I fell in love with the scent. When I found The Scent Corvus on Instagram and saw they did the exact same scent, I had to order them. It’s the sexiest smell in the world. I wish I had this in perfume form… I feel like I could get any man. Will 100% be re-ordering! Incredible packaging, it makes my little goth heart happy. Fast delivery. Amazing customer service. Thank you TSC! 🖤

FREE Patchouli Incense Sample
Sophie Jones (Bristol, GB)
Smells Amazing!

I was actually quite surprised at how lush the incense smelt and how long the aroma stayed after burning it, will 100% recommend and buy again!