The Scent Corvus. is an award winning, family run niche fragrance house & candle brand based in the heart of Derbyshire. We specialise in creating contemporary, gothic designs & home fragrances, luxury candle wears, centre pieces and one-of-a-kind creations.


I have always been fascinated by the darker side of nature. From my humble beginnings into the foray of dark literature, to a young friendship circle running our own witches "club" (albeit a potting shed), brimming with essential oils and incense. The smell of ylang ylang & musk still lingers in my throat today. It was inevitable that some day I would craft my own little pieces of magic.

In 2019, I felt a cosmic pull toward perfume, I listened to that calling and after 4 months of selling a cruelty free brand, fell in love with fragrance. I was inspired to create products of my own that were more in tune with my personal style and ideology and so The Scent Corvus became my life's work.

On a personal level, philanthropy is really important to me where women's rights, domestic violence and female initiatives are concerned. I am always working to develop ways we can support women's causes, in particular the fight against domestic violence. I am focused on ways to give back throughout the growth of my company and have launched a podcast to support other entrepreneurs & start-ups as well as a mentoring program, where I will be dedicating time to helping a small number of brands in my field to move forward on their own journeys to success. 

Style wise, you will find I have a passion for luxury, high end homewares, contemporary, monochrome, Scandinavian aesthetics merged with gothic architecture. We are the purveyors of gothic opulence & artistry with simplicity at its heart. 


My husband Lee quickly became Art Director, tasked with capturing my creations in their best light & telling our brands story. Lee is a visionary, although he doesn't quite realise it. Working as a freelance photographer, he spends most of his days telling stories, a sports figures rise to success or a gritty, through the keyhole look at the work that goes into getting there. Lee brings all the pieces together to present to you, just what I envisioned in my minds eye. I have the intuition & instinct, he has the creative flare.