"We believe that art & luxury shouldn't come at a cost to animal or planet welfare." - Jessica, TSC. Founder

At our heart

Part of doing business, is doing better for others and the environment. You can

choose to help us in the effort to support Womens Aid by rounding up your cart at checkout. With over 800 of you choosing to support this charity already, we are committed to evolving our support for Domestic Violence charities, with a dream of being able to provide free candlemaking therapy classes for victims in recovery.

For every item sold from our signature scent collection, we donate 10% to Corvid Dawn Wild Bird Rescue in their efforts to rehabilitate and offer sanctuary to corvids & other wild birds.

Our nest

We always have and always will be an entirely cruelty free & vegan brand. We only use ethically sourced crystals & botanicals, from reputable UK suppliers. 

Sustainability is at our heart and as we use much of the natural world in our work, we are continually striving to improve our practices and work toward a more sustainable future. All of our parcels come packed with biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled kraft tissue paper and our scent pops and snapbars are made from 88% recycled plastic and are themselves widely recyclable. Any left over wax is used to create tester pots of our more luxury candle lines and any misshapen wax melts are either resold in a seconds sale OR added as little free gifts to your boxes. We are by no means perfect, but are always working toward a more sustainable approach to business. We use paper bubble wrap for more delicate items and for wholesale, we reuse bubble wrap supplied to us by our own suppliers and recommend that you reuse too. We strongly support upcycling of all of our containers & sharing with us all of your creative ways of re-purposing them around your home.

We plant 1 tree for every order and are a climate positive workforce, this means that we offset our carbon emissions produce by us and any travel we undertake as part of business operations. 

Where we are heading

Our mission is to build an inclusive, diverse community, a collective of individuals who have a common passion for gothic subculture and home fragrance. Our goal is to create not just fragrance, but decorative products that add a touch of artistry to your home. We are committed to carving out a place where mainstream luxury and gothic opulence meet, creating contemporary, gothic inspired designs with unique aromas.

We are predictable and bring out brand new, limited releases on a periodic scale (to the Wheel Of The Year), this ensures our range is fresh, adventurous and one-of-a-kind. 

We thank you for being part of our story, The Scent Corvus is always your home from home.