Is 2022 the year that you leave your 9-5 and create a 6-figure business?

I totally think it is...

Thanks for finding your way to my school, a place dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, especially of the candle kind, in their pursuit of identity, community and ultimately, success with their handcrafted products.

I know what you're thinking: not ANOTHER internet coach, this ones different, I promise. I actually launched the handmade, product based business, ran into all the major pitfalls, bootstrapped my way to a viable growth strategy and actually lived to tell the tale. This coach lives, eats, breathes small product business, I don't just talk about it, I do it.

Founder - The Scent Corvus.


  • You have an idea but have no clue how to start a business, never mind build an authoritative brand
  • You have a business but are struggling to find your tribe, build an engaged community or generate enough repeat sales
  • You have found your community but you are struggling to create more income for your handmade business
  • You change your mind on your niche, your ideal customer, your true fan and switch your branding up on a regular basis, simply put, the whole thing has become quite confused and messy

STOP the overwhelm train, I wanna get off...

Your first 2 years in business doesn't HAVE to be overwhelming. There's a lot to learn but you can do it with a community of other candle-preneurs around you for support and someone to guide you in the process of building your iconic brand.

My Story

Oh hey, sorry for the lack of introduction but the candle school is one of the most exciting endeavours of my career yet & I got carried away in telling you all about it!

I'm Jess, founder of The Scent Corvus - a niche fragrance house based in England and now, creator of the Corvus Candle School. 

I launched my first handmade business in June 2020 and in 11 months, I left my 9-5 job to go all in on my business and make this thing, my only thing...

Then something crazy happened. Going all in meant I had so much energy to steer the ship and in 18 months, we turned over our first 6 figures...shockingly true and I know you can do it too!

How does someone go from knowing absolutely nothing about business, to becoming an award winning brand in the first year? How do you gain national and international press exposure, collaborations with global powerhouse brands, secure investments and rebrand your entire business in 18 months?

I became a Great British Entrepreneur Award Finalist, beating over 800 entrants, some of whom had been at it for years. It doesn't NEED to take that long to get noticed in your field.

"If I can do it, you can. You don't need a small fortune, you don't need to risk it all and you definitely don't need to sit on a great idea."



The Candle Bland to Candle Brand - 6 Week Masterclass

A 6 week intensive masterclass intended for:
🕯Founders with an idea but not yet launched their business
🕯 Founders who have launched in the last 12 months & struggling to find their tribe
🕯 Founders who launched some time ago & feel that their brand is sinking in a sea of other candle companies
🕯 Founders who have zero idea where to start

What you recieve:

🕯 The Candle Bland to Candle Brand 6 Week Masterclass 

🕯 BONUS #1: weekly group coaching & feedback calls during the masterclass to fast track your progress

🕯 BONUS #2: My RINSE & REPEAT LAUNCH FRAMEWORK to ensure continued growth and success upon graduating

🕯 BONUS #3: Accountability Facebook group for ongoing support so you don't lose track

🕯 BONUS #4: Access to the Corvus Candle School App (Apple/Android) so you can learn any time, any where

🕯 BONUS #5: 6 weeks free access on completion of course to the Candle-preneur Alumni Membership - including access to new content, monthly live calls after the masterclass & the Corvus Candle Community Hub to hold you accountable & create long lasting results.

Your Investment:


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