Looking for something special, a unique or one-of-a-kind gift?

We are able to create all sorts of wax and resin based artworks and would love to discuss all your custom creation ideas. We tailor our service to your needs and budget, from one-off glassware, to printing services, custom-mixed fragrances, a broad spectrum of colour choices and of course, a custom order would be nothing without the bells and whistles! We can provide a full range of

ethically sourced botanicals, crystals, using Eco-friendly natural pigmented glitters, micas and more! The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. 

Custom orders are priced individually and depend on the nature of the order. Full quote will be given prior to payment, with payment due in full via PayPal transfer on placing the order. We will discuss your turnaround requirements and shipping will be adjusted according to the timeline for completion. Custom orders are placed on a priority basis, it is likely you will require elements to your bespoke design that are not in our usual inventory, therefore we have to factor in supplier order and delivery times before we can commence fulfilment. 




Please get in touch at the below address with your full name, a description of your ideas and we will get back to you for further discussion. 

Thanks for enquiring with us and we cannot wait to get working on your order! PLEASE SEND ENQUIRIES TO: info@thescentcoven.com