Welcome to The Scent Coven.

Launch is finally here. After months of research, preparation, legalities, manufacturing and putting together our store, we finally can present The Scent Coven in all of it's magical glory. I am so pleased to finally offer the world a little piece of me in every item I sell, I have been crafting (in more ways than one!) since a young age and always struggled to find what I would now call, home. 

If you have a thing for clean, fresh, monochrome homeware with a gothic, darkened twist, then I hope you will LOVE our new range of vegan, organic soy wax candles & melts. We have worked tirelessly to bring you products that are bespoke, high quality and maintaining the cruelty-free integrity that I so desperately wanted to keep. Our launch range is simplistic, working with a monochrome palette: the blackest of blacks, through shades of grey to brilliant whites, we aim to release a new shade range in Autumn to celebrate the autumnal equinox, moving to a final 2020 range just in time for the Winter solstice celebrations. 

The Scent Coven will be growing throughout the months to come and I invite you to join our community of home-worshippers, who admire the clean aesthetics of a modern day, scandi-vibe home but have the desire to set themselves out from the rest. Everything we create, is with artistry in mind. I welcome you to start adding a show piece at a time to your collection. Sometimes, I am a little sad to see them burn.  

All our love -

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"We believe that art and luxury shouldn't come at a cost to animal or planet welfare."

The Scent Coven.