We Are Officially VEGAN Certified!

Choosing vegan products can sometimes be a headache, especially with so many handmade claims all over the market, in all of the sectors. How can you ever be TRULY sure, that those claims made are substantial?


We choose to partner with VEGAN FRIENDLY an international non-profit organisation established in 2012 with the aim of ending animal suffering and global warming by increasing the consumption of plant-based food. They reached out to us when expanding their portfolio to include products, not just restaurants and so it felt like the right time to certify some of our bestsellers!

Vegan Friendly offer a certification service per product, which goes through a thorough checking process to verify each element of our products meets their standards. Once certified, you can be assured that the product is fully Vegan and compliant with the Vegan Friendly requirements. 

We have started our certified range with a list of our bestsellers, as our business grows, we have every intention of certifying our entire catalogue. For now, if you only wish to shop certified products, despite all of our offerings being Vegan and Cruelty Free, you can do so from our officially certified collection HERE.

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"We believe that art and luxury shouldn't come at a cost to animal or planet welfare."

Jessica (TSC. Founder)