TSC. Is Official Sponsor For 10th Anniversary London Horror Festival


At The Scent Coven we are so very pleased to be an able to share that we are an official sponsor of the annual London Horror Festival for their 10th anniversary this October. As founder of the company, I can’t tell you how incredible it is, to be sponsoring the arts with this business and not just any arts, live horror performance.

Since the age of 6, I have been heavily involved in the performing arts community and eventually spent over a decade working in horror film as an actress, producer & costume design. Theatre and horror are such a fundamental part of my development as a creative and an artist and TSC would definitely not be what it is today without all that the arts has given to me throughout my varied career. 

Thanks to London Horror Festival for the absolute honour and I ask that if you can afford to attend, please consider doing so, it is vitally important to buy tickets to performances and get the arts back up on their feet. The government failed our arts community in a million ways during the height of the pandemic, so many of my friends and colleagues have been out of work, lost their shows, tours and even venues have been forced to close. It’s a travesty & so sponsoring the comeback of the arts is the greatest privilege to do.

You can view all the information about London Horror Festival on their website and purchase tickets: https://www.londonhorrorfestival.co.uk/

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