SEPTEMBER Small Business Shoutout - SVAR:ØG

Here at The Scent Coven we have made a commitment from the very beginning to support, showcase and promote small businesses within our space that we feel the Coven community will benefit from & of course, be interested in!

For the month of September, we have chosen to showcase a brand we stumbled upon at the very beginning of our own wax journey! Enter, SVAR:ØG. Run by talented chandler, Petra, whose soul purpose in starting the company was to create products that were entirely natural, not artificial looking or smelling and provided a relaxing, eco-friendly range to customers just like her! Initially, SVAR:ØG was introduced to me by my husband (The Scent Coven Creative Director & my muse). As a photographer, he has a keen eye for all things creative and unique, Petra had clearly paid a massive amount of attention to her product aesthetic and her playfulness with light & shade within her photography was something we truly loved! Her feed was curated with intention and it was clear from the outset, she knew what she wanted for her brand and didn't deviate or give in to temptation - which as a creator is actually incredibly difficult to do! She has a really clean, Scandinavian feel to her collections, which would truly fit in any modern day home.  

SVAR:ØG products are entirely Vegan, using no synthetic fragrance oils, but quality essential oil blends created by Petra. She is extremely clear in her passion for creating a line of products that are eco-friendly, as she quite rightly puts it: "while we are looking after ourselves, we may as well use a product that's made with care and takes care of the planet too!" We concur this sentiment. 

The brand has grown exponentially in a short period, You can now find Petra leading workshops in London, showing other prospective chandlers how best to create quality, handcrafted candles. I would recommend if you are ever to take a short class, this one would be it. Her candles burn well, clearly made with skill and precision. Working with wax truly is an art and I would only part with your money to be taught by someone with this level of knowledge, care and consistency within her brand. 

To add to the brands growth strategy, Petra has found her company stocked across Europe. I can imagine this list will continue to grow as news of SVAR:ØG starts to spread. For now you can find the latest stockist details right here - if you prefer to sniff your next purchase before buying, head to one of the stockist locations to do just that! Smarter still: Petra clearly understands her audience needs. You can purchase a scent discovery kit for an incredibly affordable £6 straight from the website. This is a great way to try the range on offer, find your favourites and test them out before committing to a full sized candle.

There really is a lot to love about SVAR:ØG. I am a fan. While the range is small, as a fellow chandler I can tell you this is down to the sheer commitment to quality over quantity, months of testing before bringing her final product to retail. Sometimes less is absolutely more and while anyone can churn out a bunch of fragrance oils, an array of colour options, additives, funky, fun or cool - this would never and in no way align with Petra and her purpose. Buying into the SVAR:ØG brand, you know that you are truly only getting the best end product. I truly look forward to seeing what Petra develops next!

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