R.I.P The Scent Coven // REBRAND

The Coven Is No More...

In true Halloween spirit, we laid our beloved Coven to rest and out flew a raven from the ashes. The Scent Coven was birthed out of a passion for fragrance. After little more than 15 minutes and a quick google search, I put together my love of fragrance with a descriptor for a group of individuals with a common interest...A COVEN OF SCENT WITCHES. It was perfect for my fragrance consultancy, enough to stand out from everyone else and their girly vibes, a true reflection of who I am as a person, blending two worlds into one. 

In February 2021, after less than a year of business, we received notice that our trademark request was under opposition, after a battle spanning most of 2021, by October we had our ruling and it was deemed the "Coven" segment of our mark was only suitable for some of our products. Alas, it has been difficult to let go of something i hold so dear and with such humble beginnings, but quickly we have become so much more than a consultancy for cruelty free perfume!

In true TSC. fashion, we will not be beaten and instead, decided now was the time to birth TSC. 2.0 - a rebirth of everything you have come to know & love. The Corvus has been part of our imagery since day one and now he reigns over the entire TSC. kingdom in pride of place and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Thanks for sticking with us through these times of change, we have so much in store for you in 2022 and are so excited to see our own evolution, at just 18 months old, it isn't too shabby and we have our amazing community to thank for it all. 

If you missed our Halloween reveal, you can check it out here, its a vibe if you ask us!

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"We believe that art and luxury shouldn't come at a cost to animal or planet welfare."

The Scent Coven.